Life can be crazy…In a GOOD WAY!!!

I just got a call from a Producer on Sunday who wants me to write a 100 page script for the Hallmark channel by next week Friday.  It will be based on a 300 page book he is shipping to me by this Wednesday.

“I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.”

I sent that text out to my brother Sunday morning to encourage him in an endeavor he is trying to accomplish this week….I went to lunch and looked up and lo and behold it was on the back of a pink t-shirt a girl was wearing….”I can do all things thru Christ who Strengthens me.”

I thought it was a confirmation of what I sent my brother.  Little did I realize GOD also meant it for me.  That evening I got the call from the Producer.  He called it a Herculean task.  The first thing that came up in my spirit was this is a David VS Goliath mission….BUT….”I can do ALL things thru CHRIST who strengthens me.”

The next two weeks are going to be fun….Can’t wait to see what the LORD does thru me on this one…..HA!  I love it!!!