Exciting Writing

There are things happening in the realm behind the physical veil that we can’t even imagine.  All we can do is  seek GOD’s guidance, pray, and trust HIM and HIS perfect timing.

A little while back I was excited to have the opportunity to write a movie for Hallmark.  The challenge was, it was going to be from a book and had to be done in 1 week.  Although in the natural this was almost impossible, for me, with the eye of faith, I believed if GOD was opening that door HE was also going to see me to complete the task.

As it turned out the Hallmark people didn’t get the book rights and the producer called me to tell me “false alarm”.  This was after they had sent me the book and I already started reading and taking notes.

Although it would have been a wonderful opportunity I saw it as a chance to prove my heart was willing, even to a task so ridiculous as what they were asking for.

But GOD knew something I didn’t.

So rather than be disappointed, I looked at it as a “seed” planted for a better opportunity and I praised GOD for what HE was going to do next.

Fast forward several months later and that better opportunity arrived from an unexpected location.  Again, it was to write a script from a book.  This time however, an actor was already attached.  In fact, it was the actor who was trying to get the book made into a film.

I had a customer that called me to help move his TV’s to his new home.  I’ve worked with this customer for several years, but all he knew of me was that I was a satellite/cable/audio guy.  He had no idea I liked to write movies.

So I go over to his house one Saturday to survey what he needs done, and we get into a conversation about how he has been working for the last several months helping this actor get a movie made from a book.(I will not reveal the book, the actor, or the movie until it is in production).  I asked him, “do you have a script?”  He says, “No.  Just the book rights.”

I said, “You can’t make a movie without a script.  You can’t film a movie using a book.”

He laughed and said, “Yeah, we haven’t been able to get to far yet.”

Well something in my spirit leapt and I heard a voice say, “Tell him you will write the script as a spec.” A spec or speculative screenplay, is a screenplay written for free with the “hopes” of selling it.

So I blurted out, “I’ll write the script, as a spec screenplay.  Pay me if you decide you want to use it.”

He said, “I didn’t know you write movies.”  I quickly went out to my truck, and brought in my laptop, took him to this website and showed him the Kairos Prize Competition I’d just recently won.  He was surprised and excited.

“You never know who you’re dealing with” he said.

“You are now dealing with the guy who’s going to write your movie.”  I replied.

He immediately called the actor and they arranged to send me the book.

My challenge was to write the script as quickly as possible because the actor was going to have to re-up his book rights soon.  My other challenge was to write the script around working full time….My goal……Write 3 pages a day, or at least spend 3 hours a day researching for the script.  I motivated myself by taking coffee away from me, (of which I drank 3 to 4 cups a day), until I had some semblance of a finished script.

Another motivator was my good friend and bro in Christ, and my Manager, Alan Yott(who at first was not sure it was GOD who told me to write it for free) LOL!  But in time will be able to look back and see it could have only been HIM.  Alan has been a great motivator and prayer warrior/partner for me as I put my pen to the grindstone to flesh out the script.  (Thanks Alan!)

This was/is becoming way more than I could have imagined and dreamed.  I definitely saw and still see GOD’s hand on it all.  And I believe it all started from that “seed” I planted for the Hallmark movie I never got to do.

2 months after having received the book, my customer(producer) and the actor had the finished 1st draft in their hands.  I “wrote forward” basically 3 pages a day until I completed a 152 page script. (approximately 2 and a half hours)

Their reaction?…….They love it!!!  PRAISE the LORD!!!!

I could live a thousand lifetimes and never have the opportunity this blessing has  been and is going to be for me….I just praise JESUS HE opened the door for me in this life time.

Stay tuned for the incredible story and ongoing updates….

Meanwhile, I think I’ll have a cup of joe, put my feets up, and enjoy the downtime….