There’s An Alien In My Bathtub

This Family/SciFi/Comedy screenplay is the result of a period in all of our lives that put us in timeout and we could either fold or pray through it. I wanted to write a pandemic movie that got away from being dramatic but instead had a light comical tone.

The version I have posted on this page is the result of my rewriting it per judges notes, and some other excellent reader’s notes. The script now sits at 104 pages so the story has expanded since that first draft.  I am extremely happy with the story, it’s funny, quirky, and heartwarming. One reader likened it to Forrest Gump meets ET. I liked that. 

I truly believe there is a place for this movie as it is relevant to our pandemic, and though it takes the pandemic seriously, it will give the whole family an escape into laughter and fun.

This accolade is from the Gold Star Movie Awards.



Another feather in the Alien’s cap as we just learned not only is it an Official Selection of the Horror Bowl Movie Awards 2020 Sci-Fi Category but also a Winner in Two Categories; BEST PANDEMIC SCRIPT and BEST SCI FI FEATURE SCRIPT.


We just made the HOT 100 list in the Capital Screenplay Contest

LOGLINE: A nerdy germaphobe and a clumsy extra-terrestrial become unlikely heroes during a world-wide pandemic.

The Judge’s Analysis: There’s an Alien in my Bathtub Analysis

The Script:There’sAnAlienInMyBathtubv5.2

We just found out our script made it as a FINALIST in the Wiki Screenplay Contest!

And as usual, a Thousand Thank You’s!!! to my brother for capturing Pi-Za the clumsy, lovable Alien in the bathtub. Great job Joe!!!!!!