Short Scripts

For fun I have a couple of short scripts that perhaps one day I will commit to film. 

The first script is Money Laundering and is set completely in a laundry mat with three characters` so it could be filmed in a weekend. Version 1 is 10 pages. The second one is 14 pages. Take your pick.



This next script is the perfect Christmas short film and can be filmed over a couple weekends.

Santa’s Comin’

SC is an Official Selection of the Six Page script competition! Yaaayyyy!!!!

Good afternoon,
We are all so excited to be reading your scripts in the upcoming season of Six-Page Scripts. Congratulations on being 1 of 50 writers chosen out of almost 800 screenplays!
We can’t wait to share your story!
Happy writing,
The Six-Page Scripts Team
Hello RANDALL(RW),  

Congrats! Out of nearly 800 submissions, your script, Santa’s Comin’, is among the 50 that we have “Officially Selected” for Season 2 of the Six-Page Scripts podcast, which begins airing in January.

We will feature most of the Official Selections in our traditional episodes, but also have plans to showcase and promote other scripts in fun, non-traditional ways.

Production of Season 2 begins in November, so keep an eye out for an email from Six-Page Scripts ( as we will be contacting you directly regarding your script’s episode!

In the mean time, follow us on social media @sixpagescripts, be sure to congratulate your fellow winners and writers using #sixpagescripts, and don’t forget to tell your friends about the show!

As always, thanks for listening and happy writing!

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Mitch, Laura, Jason, and Kelley

If you are a producer or director and are looking for a short film project and like either of these please feel free to contact me.

Thank you as always for checking us out!