This TRAILER is from the New Film Musical Abraham and Sarah by Cathy Ellis of EFM Productions.  It stars Michael Lackey as Abraham.  And Nancy Haywood as Sarah. I play the Character LOT, their Nephew.  The movie was recently released at the Koubek Theater in Miami, Fl. on April 15th 2014.



This monologue comes from Ann Long’s show called “Andrew Soliloquies” that aired on WLRN Ch. 17 in Miami, Fl.  for the 20th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew….

The show is a collection of monologues that take place before, during and after Hurricane Andrew.

In “Insurance Hassles” I play an insurance adjuster communicating to a Hispanic woman the best way to tell me what caused the damage to her house so she can get the most from her policy.
Thank you!


In “Doing My Part” the Director needed a high school kid but time was short so she asked me if I could swing it….I learned the monologue in a couple of days and went to the studio to shoot…Playing a high school kid hasn’t been in my age range for a while(LOL) but I really liked the monologue and the fact that it was about a mentally challenged/emotionally challenged kid who got to help the National Guard after Andrew hit gave me an opportunity to invest myself in the character regardless of his age….I felt the way I played him, he really could have been any age….



The first one is from another Film Musical by Cathy Ellis and EFM Productions.  It is the Title Song from the movie “Stayin’ Well” which will go into Production in 2014/15.

The Second one here comes from a Song Cathy wrote and we just had a lot of fun doing it…

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