Crash Backwards


In the inaugural year of the American Dreamscreen Festival they encourage Independent Cinema and stretching the boundaries of storytelling.

“At the American Dreamscreen Festival, we firmly believe in the power of independent storytelling and the limitless possibilities it holds.”

I felt a story like Crash Backwards fit that bill. It is a crazy, psychological thriller that once it gets started, won’t let you rest, unraveling its mystery as it goes. This is what the Festival had to say about the script.

This was the note they sent me:
Hello RANDALL(RW),American Dreamscreen Festival has added a note to your submission:


The script is a complex and intriguing psychological thriller that successfully explores themes of identity, memory, and trust.

Here are some of the things we liked:

Engaging Premise: The premise of a married woman discovering her hallucinations as buried memories of her husband being her psychopathic stalker is a concept that immediately draws the reader in. Very strong dosage of thrill administered there.

Strong Character Development: The characters in the story are well-defined, and their motivations and emotional struggles are clearly portrayed. The protagonist’s journey of self-discovery and the internal conflicts she faces are written well.

Sustained Tension: The script effectively maintains a sense of tension and suspense throughout, keeping the audience invested in the unfolding mystery.

Psychological Depth: The psychological aspects of the characters and their relationships adds depth to the narrative. The exploration of buried memories and their impact on the characters’ lives is a powerful theme.

Visual Storytelling: The screenplay demonstrates a strong ability to convey the story visually, which is essential in a thriller. The use of hallucinations and memories adds an extra layer of visual intrigue.


In exciting news, Crash has a student Oscar winning director attached in the wonderfully imaginative and talented Neil Lahiri, and funding to produce the film is forthcoming. We will update the page as it rolls out. So another huge feather in Crash’s cap. 

We just found out Crash Backwards is not only an Official Selection of the Thriller category of the Horror Bowl Movie Awards 2020 out of India, but Won the BEST PLOT category.

I am extremely excited to announce Crash Backwards has made the 2015 Quarterfinals of the Nicholl Fellowship Competiton. The email is below.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

July 17, 2015 Dear Randall,Congratulations!  You have advanced to the Quarterfinal Round of the 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting.  By doing so, yours is one of only 375 entries to escape the First Round.With 7,442 scripts entered, the initial round was extremely competitive and made the selection of quarterfinalists a difficult task.  You may already have an inkling of the quality of this year’s screenplays if you’ve been following the reader comment excerpts posted on the Academy Nicholl Facebook page.To give you an idea of the selection process, Crash Backwards was evaluated by three judges drawn from a diverse group of film professionals.  After the top three scores were tallied, the highest scoring scripts advanced to the Quarterfinals.During the Quarterfinal Round, your script will be read by at least two additional judges.  As was the case in the First Round, these judges will read the scripts without seeing application forms, log lines or prior scores and comments; they will know nothing about you and your script other than what is on your script’s pages.  We expect that about 150 of the Quarterfinalist screenplays will advance to the Semifinal Round.If earnings greater than $25,000 have recently made you ineligible, please let us know as soon as possible via email to for a follow-up email regarding Quarterfinalist Contact List information and your log line. That will be sent in about a week or so.Good luck through the remainder of the competition.     Sincerely,

Greg Beal
Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

The SCRIPT is POSTED below!!!  Please feel free to read it and share it….

Crash Backwards is a roller coaster ride in the dark. You are in the protagonists shoes, experiencing exactly what she is at the same time she is and you don’t know what’s going to happen next even while you don’t know if what is happening is real.

Click the image to view larger.

This is the Poster my incredibly talented brother Joseph Wraith did for me….I LOVE IT!!!

I’m really excited about my latest screenplay…


While undergoing therapy, a married woman discovers her hallucinations are buried memories of her current husband being her psychopathic stalker.




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