On the Sparrow



“On the Sparrow” is a gritty Faith-Based Western. 


I worked hard to make sure SPARROW is authentic and realistic, including dialogue, and the history of what was going on in the US at that time.  So I hope the mood and scope of what I was trying to accomplish comes through while reading it, which is visually and orally capture the raw grittiness of the people, places and time frame of the west.

Joseph Wraith, my brother, as he does with all my scripts, has come up with the Poster for it and this wonderful page…..His work is always genius and truly captures the heart of my stories.  Thank YOU Joe!!!

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A preacher in 1880’s Colorado who rejects his calling to become a bounty hunter after his wife is murdered and child abducted, comes to realize that is not God’s plan for his life.


This latest version incorporates many great notes and feedback from the readers of www.scriptshadow.net  as well as Carson’s review during Amateur Friday Weekend. And from the citizens of www.talentville.com in which their review ratings have put On the Sparrow in the TOP 3 for March 2018 and subsequently given the GOLD MEDAL as the number one script of the month with a verdict of “CONSIDER” by the professional reviewer.

Gold Medal


by rw hahn

Summary of Talentville Coverage:

Several of the arguably greatest directors of all time from John Ford, to Sam Peckinpah and Anthony Mann have aptly demonstrated the powerful mythic themes the classic Western can explore at its highest levels. While the current draft of On the Sparrow does not yet reach these soaring heights, the scope and scale of it ambitions place is at the same level, with very capable execution, well-crafted characters, and authentic period dialogue. The religious themes, while a bit heavy-handed at times, do contribute a sense of import and added dimension to the story and its characters that elevate the material beyond a simple revenge plot.

Thank you to all!!!



A great song by Mercy Me called “Even If”. I picture this song with a montage at the lowest point in Sparrow’s journey where he is finally ready to turn back to God, no matter what His will is. The thing that amazed me about this song and one of the reasons I think it fits perfectly for the film is the last line in it. “It is well with my soul.” That is the running theme song in the story and in fact Sparrow himself sings it in this scene. I’d written this script before I ever heard this song and to have it talk about going through the fire, and God has been good to me all of my days, and finally that last line.

Just crazy how God works.

Here are some possible locations for the Town of Dolor..Ghost towns now…..

Dolor3Rico-1890_t650x650_c650x650Dolor looking town-Ironton-Main-St-1880-1920Dolor2Ironton-1880-1920_t650x650_c650x650

Blessings, and thank you for your time,

RW(Randall) Hahn


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