On the Sparrow



“On the Sparrow” is my newest screenplay.  It is a Western.  I am so thrilled to have been given a Faith based story from the LORD in a genre I have always loved.


I am excited to announce On the Sparrow has made the  TOP 10 in 2015 Chronos Prize and the Semi-Finals of the 2016 KairosPrize Competiton.

Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays

After Gideon I wrote several other scripts that I really enjoyed and am looking forward to them being produced, but I wanted to write another story that glorifies God, explores our relationship with Him and how it affects our relationship with each other on a human level.

So I prayed and asked Jesus for over a year.  Then one day I was on an airplane after a hectic weekend, exhausted, and feeling like I was fighting a cold and fever.  I closed my eyes for the flight back home, and finally, at 30,000 feet God gave me this story that I knew was to be my next script.

I got home, immediately wrote it down in prose just to get it all out, about 3 pages and then sat on it, letting it sink into my heart, and “thinkubate”.  After about 6 months, I was finally ready to sit down and start the process of turning it into a script.

After 2 months of writing and rewriting, I shared it with a couple fellow writers, and my mom, Joslyn Daniels(Thanks MOM!!!).  After getting all of their notes, and comments, then going over it with my Manager Alan Yott over one weekend(reading it out loud and making notes and comments as we went), it is now ready to be entered into some competitions and be shared with anyone who is interested in reading it.

I worked hard to make sure SPARROW is authentic and realistic, including dialogue, and the history of what was going on in the US at that time.  So I hope the mood and scope of what I was trying to accomplish comes through while reading it, which is visually and orally capture the raw grittiness of the people, places and time frame of the west.

Joseph Wraith, my brother, as he does with all my scripts, has come up with the Poster for it and this wonderful page…..His work is always genius and truly captures the heart of my stories.  Thank YOU Joe!!!

The other thing that is special about this being a Western, is my Dad, Dave Daniels, also loves Westerns.  In fact, whenever I go over to his house, the channel he always has on is…you guessed it….The Women’s Channel….

LOL!  NO!!!!

It’s the Starz Western Channel.  No matter when or what time I come over he is watching the old western TV serials, or whatever western movie they are playing at the time.  So when God gave this to me, I was excited just knowing one day, my dad and I will sit down and enjoy this together.

Thank you, Jesus!  You can’t beat them apples.

So please say a prayer for “On the Sparrow” that God would bring it to the Big Screen and that it will touch the hearts of millions.   In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading the script as much as I enjoyed the journey of writing it.  Just Click on the LINK below.


When his wife is murdered and his baby taken, a young Preacher in 1880’s Colorado forsakes his calling to become a bounty hunter and get his son back.



Here are some possible locations for the Town of Dolor..Ghost towns now…..

Dolor3Rico-1890_t650x650_c650x650Dolor looking town-Ironton-Main-St-1880-1920Dolor2Ironton-1880-1920_t650x650_c650x650

Blessings, and thank you for your time,

RW(Randall) Hahn


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